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Zhongbei Huayu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.


Serve Owners
Contribute to the Society

Business Philosophy

Survival by Quality, Development by Innovation

Perfection by Service, Win-win by Cooperation


 Employment Concept

People-oriented, Virtue and Capability-stressed

Retain Employees through Uprightness, Cause, Sentiment and Benefit


Safety Production Policy

Safety First, Prevention Dominated, Comprehensive Governance


Quality Policy

Scientific Management, Standard Construction

Building Quality Projects, Pursuit of Excellence


 Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Policy
Abide by the law to create a green channel
Prevent hidden danger in the first place
Improve continuously to achieve sustainable development

Project Management Objective

Safe, Quality, Efficient, Energy-saving, Eco-friendly


Basic Working Norms

Use the shortest possible time to do everything well;
To work well in every minute with the best state;
Strive to do everything well once with the lowest costs;

Do not do anything detrimental to the interests and image of the company.