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Beijing officially launched green building evaluation

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"Twelve Five" period, the city plans to build 35 million square meters of green buildings by 2015, the city more than 10% of new buildings will be green buildings. September 9, the city held in Beijing to promote green building assessment will identify the official launch of the green building evaluation. This also marks the city's green building rating logo has been opened, the promotion of green building has entered a new phase.
Urban Housing and Rural Construction Commission may Liang Feng, deputy director, the city has always attached great importance to energy conservation and green building construction work, building energy efficiency to the developed standards. "Twelve Five" period, the city plans to build 35 million square meters of green building in 2015, the proportion of green building to new building area of ​​more than 10% of the county shall complete a certain number of green building demonstration project. By 2020, new buildings meet the city's share of green building standards will be at or near the level of world cities.
In the future, where the government investment for new, expanded civil construction projects should meet green building standards, the incremental costs into fixed assets investment; important feature of the park should be built in low-carbon green park, the park construction should meet green building standards.
"Twelve Five" period, will point to the surface of green building expansion, the future of science and technology city, FBD, northern Haidian District, CBD eastward expansion, Mentougou eco-city, Shougang industrial organizations such as replacement of the factory park's green building pilot demonstration .
Beijing Municipal Planning Commission members introduced Ye Dahua, Beijing "green building evaluation criteria," aimed at new construction, renovation, expansion of residential buildings and public buildings, two buildings, and according to different standards are divided into a Star Award, Samsung three levels. The city is developing a "green building design standards", and will soon release.
Evaluation criteria are divided into sections with the outdoor environment, energy conservation and energy use, water conservation and water use, indoor environment, operations management and many other standards. The green building must meet all the "control" requirement.
Residential building "control" standard in the section with the requirements of the outdoor environment, green building should not undermine local heritage, natural water, wetlands, etc.; location should avoid geological disasters, floods, storms and soil containing radon hazards.
In order to intensive, economical use of land, the standard also proposed control limit of land per capita indicators. Residential land area including residential land, land for public buildings, roads, public green space and four land area; Beijing residence status based on actual population, residential population by 2.8 persons per household. Accordingly, the provision of indicators for the lower per capita living space is not higher than 49 square meters, multi-layer does not exceed 32 square meters, 7-9 in the top layer does not exceed 27 square meters, greater than or equal to the 10-story high-rise is not high 17 square meters; green species selection to adapt to climate and soil conditions in Beijing's native plants, and transportation from plant origin to the site within a distance of 500 km total number of plants of similar species in the total amount of 70%.
Indoor environmental standards are required, each house has at least one living space to meet the requirements of the standard of sunshine, when there are four and four or more living space, at least 2 living space to meet the standards of sunshine; living space to natural ventilation, ventilation open area of ​​the room floor area of ​​not less than 5%; roofing, floors, walls and windows of the inner surface of the indoor temperature and humidity design conditions, no condensation phenomena.

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