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energy-saving plan introduced during the civil

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"Eleventh Five-Year" period, the Beijing building energy efficiency in new building energy efficiency, energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, renewable energy, building applications, farmers residential building energy efficiency, energy-efficient operation and management of public buildings, to promote green building and other areas of overall progress for the completion of the city's emission reduction targets and success of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has made important contributions, and improve people's working and living conditions to become the city to implement the scientific concept of development, promote economic development and an important symbol of social harmony. "Twelve Five" period, the city will be the theme of scientific development, to accelerate the transformation of economic development as the main line, focus on building an innovation-driven development pattern, building areas bear the historical responsibility and glorious mission.
"Beijing" 1025 "period Building Energy Conservation Plan" under the "economic and social development of Beijing Twelfth Five-Year Plan" spirit and "1025" period capital, energy saving and development of construction need, made the city the next five years the development of building energy efficiency goals, key tasks and safeguard measures, the city is "second five" important part of the planning system is "1025" period to guide the work of city building energy efficiency documents.
First, the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the main results of building energy conservation
"Eleventh Five-Year" period, the city building energy efficiency and made remarkable achievements, walking in the forefront of the country.
First, policies and regulations continue to improve. Revised the "Beijing to implement <Energy Conservation Law" approach ", issued" on the housing industry to promote the city's guidance, "the preparation of a" green construction management procedures, "the introduction of renewable energy funds to support construction applications policy.
Second, the implementation of a new design standard basic rate of 100%. New public buildings, residential buildings and nearly 140 million square meters, the city's strict implementation of new energy efficiency standards for civil construction, the proportion of urban energy-efficient buildings 55.2%, the proportion of energy-efficient residential 74.2%, ranking first in provinces and cities.
Third, the demonstration of green building development from the point to the surface. Organized and completed 14, 1.62 million square meters of green building and low energy building demonstration. Science and technology city in the future, FBD and other green building park launched a pilot demonstration.
Fourth, the housing industry pilot project in full swing. First introduced in the country area of ​​reward incentives, the establishment of a joint conference system for the housing industry, formed a committee of experts, organization of 60 million square meters of housing industry pilot.
Fifth, energy-saving renovation of existing buildings and heating measures to accelerate the transformation. Completed 46.93 million square meters of urban energy-saving renovation of existing buildings. Completion of 166 and 498 boiler district heating pipe network transformation. Through resource integration, network transformation, application of new technologies and energy structure adjustment, heating efficiency is improved. Energy conservation and transformation of 56,000 new farm house, the winter temperature increased energy efficiency of residential 6-8 ℃, the farmers call it "heart-warming project."
Sixth, the construction of renewable energy to accelerate the pace of large-scale applications. As of the end of 2009, the installation of solar hot water system area of ​​500 square meters, built more than 600 seats in public bathrooms in rural sunlight, heating using heat pump technology, civil 20 million square meters. The city building area of ​​renewable energy proportion of 4%.
Seventh, public building energy monitoring system was established. 65 municipal authorities of large office buildings and 258 public buildings installed electricity sub-metering devices, construction of energy-saving control platform, the establishment of building energy consumption statistical reporting system, to carry out energy audits, energy efficiency publicity work for the introduction of energy fixed and differential pricing policy to create the conditions.
"Eleventh Five-Year" period, the city building energy efficiency to a new height, building capacity of 3.96 million tons of standard coal energy, accounting for the city over the same period 22.3% of the total energy savings, emission reduction targets for the realization of the city to make a positive contribution .
Second, the "1025" period building energy development goals and key tasks
"1025" period the city's overall goal of building energy conservation are: 2015, building energy efficiency and green building work to maintain the leading domestic level, reached the international advanced level.
Main goal and focus is to achieve "five breakthroughs":
First, the new building energy efficiency design standards to achieve new breakthroughs. 2012, 75% of the first implementation of the residential building energy efficiency design standards, building envelope heat transfer coefficient, heat and pipe thermal efficiency indicators have reached the world advanced level in the same regional climatic conditions. Mandatory installation of shading devices and solar domestic hot water system.
Second, green building and housing industry working to achieve new breakthroughs. Science and technology city in the future, FBD, Haidian District north of the park's green building organizations such as pilot demonstration. Green Building Green Park from the single building to expand the park and the important functions of government investment projects are to achieve green building standards. "1025" period built 35 million square meters of green building, the construction industry in 2015 when the residential building to the amount of 30%.
Third, urban and rural areas to achieve new breakthroughs in energy-saving renovation of existing buildings. "1025" period of both the organization 60 million square meters of urban non-residential buildings and public buildings energy-efficient heat metering and energy-saving, 150 million square meters of energy efficient building heating measurement transformation, and transformation of new seismic energy farm house 200 000 . The transformation of heat metering temperature control system to meet the requirements of the heating metering and charging. Both the non-energy-efficient public buildings, residential buildings and alterations to the implementation of seismic reinforcement, expansion, and re-decoration of public buildings, to be implemented energy-saving building envelope and heating temperature control system of measurement transformation project a unified plan, unified design and construction. To encourage enterprises and institutions using a variety of financing methods, a variety of organizational models of existing buildings to implement energy-saving projects.
Fourth, the construction of renewable energy applications to achieve new breakthroughs. Local conditions to promote the construction of renewable energy applications. Increase renewable energy building demonstration project support. By 2015, the city's application of renewable energy construction area ratio of 8%, than the "Eleventh Five-Year" period doubling.
5 is to promote building energy systems and mechanisms to achieve new breakthroughs. The implementation of heat metering and charging, public building energy consumption quotas and differential tariff system, the formation of building energy efficiency and green building market advance mechanism. Organizational resource integration and heating energy-saving heating system, transformed the efficiency of coal-fired boilers up to 75% thermal, gas boiler thermal efficiency of 92%, a net heat transfer efficiency of 95% thermal, thermal transfer efficiency of the secondary heat network 85 % of public buildings to reduce electricity consumption 12%.
By taking these measures will enable the building energy efficiency work in the "five" energy savings achieved during the period reached 5.99 million tons of standard coal. At the same time improve the institutional mechanisms to strengthen publicity, education and guidance towards the adoption of energy-saving actions to reduce building energy consumption 210,000 tons of standard coal, 6.2 million to achieve the expected goals of standard coal, accounting for the city's total energy saving target of 41% or more.

Source: Beijing Municipal Construction Committee

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